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Grateful for this school!
My daughter, who is 6, and my son, who is 3 1/2, have been coming to Kids R Kids since they were infants. I just had my first parent-teacher conference with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, and her teacher was so impressed with her pre-k skills! She is already reading at a 1st grade level, and I am so glad that I sent my daughter to Kids R Kids’ private pre-k program. Also, my son comes home often and tells about the activities that he does each day, and I love seeing updates from his teachers on the Tadpoles app! I would recommend this daycare to any parent who is looking for a daycare or pre-k program.
Sarah Roberson
Friday will be the last day for Ethan and Emily at KrK. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the love, kindness, support, boo-boo kissing, hand holding, tear wiping, praise giving, and best teaching over the past few years! You guys ROCK and will be missed (I know I left out a lot of names.....Elena, Annette, Yolanda, Ms.Kim, Brittany, Sarah, Simirror...and everyone else
K. Finnell
Private Pre-K All The Way
My son just finished the Private Pre-K program at KRK #27. We are thrilled of all his has learned and how far his development has grown. When we enrolled him into Kindergarten, the Asst. Principal asked which Pre-K program he went to and when I said KRK Duluth, she said "I knew he was a private Pre-K KRK kid! That means he will be one of our top students." My son not only meets the necessary tools to begin kindergarten, he well exceeds the requirement. Also, we were extremely impressed by the graduation ceremony for the Private Pre-K program. The time and effort that the teachers and staff put into this event will give me memories to last a lifetime. It was tears of joy for well over an hour.
J Burkholder
Highly Recommend this School!
To whom it may concern, I highly recommend Kids R Kids #27, on Pleasant Hill Rd, in Duluth, for anyone seeking quality care and development for their children. I am “Mr. Matt” and I operate the Fun Bus franchise that serves schools in the North Gwinnett area. I’ve been in this school each week for the last few years and I know it well. I visit a variety of schools all over town, and this Kids R Kids location stands out to me for several good reasons. The owner, Julie Holliday, is extremely professional and easily accessible. She has developed a very consistent group of teachers and administrators who are all committed to the children and families in their community. Julie has established a learning environment with a strong sense of order, while encouraging fun and creativity at the same time. The group of children attending this school has also remained very consistent. I look forward to visiting the students and care-givers at Kids R Kids each week. Sincerely, Matt Kilgos FUN BUS of North Gwinnett “Fitness and FUN on Wheels”
Matt Kilgos, Owner Operator of Fun Bus
State Pre-K Program
My son was in Mrs. Marsha's Georgia State Pre-K class last year and my youngest is in her State Pre-K class this year. I am very impressed with all of the leaning activities that the teachers plan and provide for the kids. I was so impressed with Mrs. Marsha's class last year that I made sure to request that my youngest was put in her class this year. This is a great place to send your kids!
M. Rios
"Leaping Frogs"
I have 2 children, both enrolled at Kids R Kids. I enrolled my eldest at age 3 but my youngest has been there since 8 weeks and is now a little over two years. My two year old is far more advanced than my 6 year old was at this age. I am truly grateful for Ms Annette and Ms Elena for all the learning activities they did with my son. I truly believe their interaction with the kids make a real difference. I have to admit, at first I was apprehensive about the "Leaping Frogs" class because it was a change from what we were used to but Ms Annette is stern yet very loving in her approach and it's needed at that age. Before my child moved up to the next class, he knew all his body parts and I do mean "ALL". He also counts his numbers says please, thank you and even excuse me! I could go on and on about what he knows, but I can assure you it is all because of Ms Annette and Ms Elena. They are awesome!
T. West
A True Blessing!
I just want to start by saying God bless you and your staff. I am so impressed with Mrs. Kristy and her helper. Thank you all so much for making my daughter feel safe and loved. Thank you for always understanding our financial situation and adjusting it so that she is able to attend. I am so overwhelmed each and everyday by her progress with adults and children she is no longer scared. I check on her with the cameras on a regular just to see if I can catch anything and I don't. Its too the point where I may not need to pay for the camera service because I can actually trust your employee's with my child. Even during the holidays and she had another teacher nothing changed they still loved her and took great care of my baby and coming from what we went through at the other daycare I feel so blessed. I didn't mean to take up your time but Mrs. Kristy and all of your staff is great and from the bottom of our hearts we say Thank you for everything that you are doing for our children. You are clean, safe, and the teachers really love their jobs! Keep up the good work and I will keep referring my friends and clients to use you daycare for their children.
L. Green
We all love it here
My 5 month old daughter absolutely loves going here. They have so much to do and keep her really busy. She loves Ms. Sharon and smiles when she sees her. I love it here because they spend time taking great care of her. With the online viewing, I can check in on her as often as I like. I am a first time parent and this really helped the stress of putting my child in daycare. The staff is superior and always helpful. I would recommend this daycare to my family and friends.
A. Edwards - GA
My son attended the before/after school program at Kids R Kids of Pleasant Hill Duluth from 1st through 5th grade. He has also attended their day camp program every summer including 2011. He is now a rising 8th grader. The owner, director and staff treat my child as if he is their own. I have always felt totally confident in leaving my son at the center. I would highly recommend this Learning Academy to anyone needing quality child care and more.
R. Bernstein - GA
It takes a village like KRK
My daughter started KRK part time at six weeks old. She is now 6 and a half and has gone through every room, private prek, camp and after school care. There has never been a need to look anywhere else. The staff in attentive and playful. They are up on the latest learning tools and communicate well with parents. Both she and I are treated with respect and as individuals. Kids R Kids truly gets to know your child. We`ve been through a lot and they have made my family very happy with aiding in my child`s early development. Cheers.
Melissa Johnson - GA
Fantastic Experience
My family moved from out of state to Georgia about a year ago. Prior to our move, I called a number of childcare centers gathering information so that I could make an informed decision upon my arrival in GA. Education is very important to me-I am an educator myself, and so is my mother. The owner, Julie, spent over 30 minutes on the telephone with me answering all of my questions before we moved. Then, she and the director spent a great deal of time with my mother who went to tour the school for me. Once my husband and I arrived in Georgia, Kids `R` Kids was our first stop. We met with Julie and Janet, and they spent the afternoon introducing us to teachers and explaining their programs to us. After having spent the last year in their school, I can honestly say that Kids `R` Kids lived up to every promise they made during my multiple phone calls and visits. My son is absolutely prepared for kindergarten, and we are very proud of the fact that we made the right decision in sending him to Kids `R` Kids Pleasant Hill Learning Academy.
Teresa - GA
My boys love their teachers!
My sons are both in the infant room at Kids `R` Kids, and we could not be happier. Ms. Sharon, Ms. Stefoni, and Ms. Carmen are so good with the babies and spend a lot of time with them. I can relax at work knowing that my babies are being taken care of. Thank You!
A. Rodriguez - GA
Great Summer Camp!
My daughter was enrolled in the Summer Camp program at Kids `R` Kids last summer, and she had a blast! We were pleased that the children went on so many field trips, and that they were interesting trips. Also, the swimming lessons were so convenient for me. I am already signed up for this summer and my daughter can`t wait for summer break to begin!!!!!!
R. Fields - GA
We love PreK!
My son is in Ms. Grace and Ms. Yolanda`s Private PreK class this year. We can`t believe it.....HE IS READING! Wow! Thank you to two wonderful teachers. We love you!
N. Lee - GA
My son was completely non-verbal when he started school at Kids `R` Kids as a 2 year old. After being there for 3 months, we can`t get him to stop talking! He has learned to spell his name and can carry on a full conversation at an age appropriate level. We are so pleased with his progress and credit his wonderful teachers with making this happen. Thank you!
Sarah - GA
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