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Stranger Safety Tips for Your Preschooler

Posted on 07-28-2017

As your child grows up, they will have to interact with people in new, unfamiliar environments every day. It’s extremely important to teach your child how to recognize a stranger and stay alert in public in order to ensure his safety. This can be an unsettling topic for many parents to cover, but there are several ways you can teach your child to always stay safe.

Who are strangers?

Establish who a stranger is. Make sure to use guidelines that your child will be able to clearly recognize in the moment to determine who a stranger is and who a stranger is not. Don’t use guidelines that could confuse your child or cause him to be afraid of any person he doesn’t know. Be sure to set clear rules about where your child goes, and with whom. If your child is in a carpool, tell him to only get in a car with his carpool driver. Tell your child not to go anywhere with a stranger.

Just say no

Tell your child not to take anything from anyone he does not know. This includes gifts, toys, or candy. Furthermore, remind your child not to give out certain personal information, like where he lives or even his full names, to strangers.

Create a plan

Set up a plan for what to do if he feels uncomfortable. Teach your child to look for police and other adults that he can always trust. Tell him to go to a place that is always safe, like where his teacher or a friend’s parent is located. In a worst-case scenario, teach him to scream, “Fire!” “Stranger!” or “Help!” if he begins to feel scared or if someone tries to touch him. Tell him it is ok to run away or scream, no matter where he is, if someone tries to grab him.

Always remember when discussing these things with a child to regularly use clear but safe language that will not further alarm your child or make him automatically feel scared of going new places. Discuss with him what the concept of a stranger is and why he should always be careful but not to feel scared of every new person he meets. Remember that your child’s safety is always the priority, and that emotional safety is just as important when it comes to discussing these concepts with a preschooler.

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