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Health and Safety

Kids `R` Kids Pleasant Hill Academy utilizes the Zono Sanitech system for cleaning and disinfecting materials used throughout our facility. The Zono uses an ultraviolet light to create ozone, then adds humidity to create a sanitizing environment which kills 99.9% of common bacteria. 

Our Zono Sanitech system allows us to sanitize toys, electronic equipment, mats, changing tables, diaper pails, crayons/markers, plush stuffed animals, baby bed mattresses, linens, rugs, and other commonly shared items throughout the day. All of our Toys are cleaned each day in the Zono machine.

Items that were considered difficult or impossible to sanitize are easily sanitized in the Zono. In 30 minutes, a quarter of the toys in one classroom or up to 24 mats can be sanitized in the Zono. We can sanitize everything-you name it, it can go in the Zono!  We are able to continously sanitize items throughout the day without taking time away from our most important task-caring for and educating your children,

Use of our Zono machine has greatly reduced the spread of communicable viruses at that typically happens in childcare environements because of the frequent sharing of toys, electronic equipment, games, and other items. Our Zono systems kills 99.9% of common bacteria, including e-coli, staph, strep, HIV, flu, and even head lice! We have seen a tremendous reduction in the amount of colds, viruses, etc. amongst our children and staff since we began using the Zono in 2010.

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