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Preschool literacy activities for your Duluth child

Posted on 10-07-2014


Your preschool child is at the stage of starting to learn the life skills needed for academics, including literacy skills like reading, writing and developing vocabulary. Here are some helpful activities that will enhance this critical learning experience for your child and make it fun:

  • Story time: Set aside a few moments each day for story time; just before bed is usually a favorite time. Read to your child in an engaging way, making different voices for each character to make the story as exciting as possible. Help your child engage with the story by letting him or her pick a book and follow the words as your finger traces them along the page. Barnes and Noble in Norcross has a wide variety of children’s books for preschoolers, and also hosts fun story time sessions throughout the year.
  • I spy: Pick an object within your child’s view, for example, a chair. Say “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter C” and let your child guess the object. This assists with word/object association and can be played anytime and anywhere.
  • Sing-alongs and read-alongs: Stories, nursery rhymes and songs that come with illustrated books allow your child to follow the words while listening. Listen to your child carefully, pointing out each word as it is said and helping when he or she gets stuck. With a little repetition and a favorite story or song, your child will pick up the words quickly.
  • Name art: Write out your child’s name and turn it into a fun art project with craft materials. Show your child how the letters go together to say his or her name and help your child learn each one as you decorate them together.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Pleasant Hill Academy, in Duluth, we offer a leading preschool program that equips your child with all the skills required for a successful academic future. Our program introduces your child to the wonders of science, math, music, literature and art in a way that is age-appropriate and encourages your child to explore his or her talents and abilities. This AdvancED™ accredited program, along with our state-of-the-art facility and dedicated staff, ensures that your child is loved, safe and learning every moment of the day. To find out more, contact us today.

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