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Important Online Forms and Files

Instructions For Completing Enrollment Forms

Enrollment in Pre-school, After School, or Pre-K requires parents to fill out numerous forms, most of which contain duplicate information.  In an effort to ease this process, Kids 'R' Kids Pleasant Hill Academy utilizes an on-line enrollment solution.  You will answer a series of questions in an ‘interview’ format and the information you provide will be used to populate the required forms.  When you are done with the interview, we will simply print out the completed forms for your review and signature.

Step 1:  Go to and login or create a new account.  After logging in, you will be taken to the Home Page.

Step 2:  On the Home Page, review the brief instructions.  Select the applicable enrollment option with a single click and then click “Begin Interview” at the bottom right of the page.

Step 3:  On the Table to Contents Page, you will see the list of information which you will be asked to provide.              

·      Click “Start from Beginning” at the bottom right of the page

Step 4:  On each interview page, provide the information required.  With rare exceptions, there can be NO BLANKS.  When you have completed a page, or need to move on, click “Next” or “Finished” to save your work on that page and/or to complete the Interview.


Step 5:  On the Interview Complete page, enter your child’s last name followed by his or her first name (e.g. Smith, Jon) and then click “Rename”.  Unless you need to enroll an additional child, logoff at the top right of the screen.  To enroll an additional child, click Duplicate Documents, which will create a copy of your previous interview.  Click through the pages and edit the information which is specific to the additional child.


Call 770-813-9600 with any questions.


Thank you for completing your enrollment paperwork electronically.

Begin the Enrollment Process! Begin the Enrollment Process!
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