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March Madness Activities

Posted on 03-28-2017

Do you have a handful of basketball fanatics living under your roof? March Madness has begun, and it always provides a great opportunity to teach your preschool children more about the wonderful world of basketball.

The Basics for Children

March Madness is the final tournament of the NCAA basketball season to determine who the national champions of college basketball will be each year. The top sixty-eight teams in the nation are invited to compete in a single game elimination tournament.

Teams are divided into four geographical regions, each including sixteen to eighteen teams. Each team is given a spot based on their regular season performance. This determines which teams play each other and when exactly they compete. If a team wins, they move forward. If they lose, they are automatically out of the bracket.

March Madness continues through the first week of April each year and concludes with one team being awarded a gold-plated, wooden NCAA National Championship trophy.

Getting Preschool Children Involved

If your preschool children express an interest in March Madness or basketball in general, there are multiple ways you can get them involved.

Set up a basketball court in your driveway or find a new go-to spot at your local gym or park to practice with them regularly.

Practice makes perfect, but nothing compares to the exhilarating atmosphere that can be felt at a live basketball game. Whether you go to a professional NBA game or head to a public, free game at a local high school, the music, lights, and cheering crowd will have your children eager to hit the court and keep practicing.

You and your children can get involved with March Madness this month by making predictions about which teams will win or lose, and who the ultimate champions will be. If your kiddos have a favorite team, you can make posters or wear the team’s colors to show some spirit when watching them play live on TV.

Get creative, support a team, and enjoy all the excitement March Madness has to offer this month!

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