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Kids 'R' Kids Pleasant Hill Academy: Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten with this Checklist

Posted on 05-19-2016

It’s your child’s first educational milestone – her preschool graduation! As you take hundreds of pictures, you can’t help but wipe away happy tears from your eyes. Your little one is growing up, and quickly! But is she ready for kindergarten?

Many parents of young children struggle with anxiety when it comes to their child’s educational and social preparedness for the next grade level. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of a new school, new teachers and new expectations for learning. You may be asking, “Does my child know all that she needs to know?” “Will she handle the transition well?” “How can I prepare her best for kindergarten?” To help you determine if your child is ready to step out of the preschool classroom and enter kindergarten, we’ve prepared a checklist for you. Use this checklist as a tool to test whether your child has mastered the skills necessary to step into kindergarten equipped for success. But, don’t worry too much if your child doesn’t get an A+ on the test. Progress is just as important as competence!

To view the checklist, read the full article here: Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten with this Checklist

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