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How to Care for the Environment with Preschool Children

Posted on 04-05-2017

The warmer spring temperatures are perfect for all things outdoors—nature walks, bike rides, and long days at the park. Everyone can agree that days spent outdoors are that much more enjoyable in an environment that is clean, healthy, and free of trash. Well, Earth Day is right around the corner, so teach your preschool child how to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Earth Day was created in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Senator Nelson was very passionate about the environment and believed society should recognize its importance and try to keep it clean.

Thus, April 22 was declared Earth Day. On this day each year, communities come together to implement healthy habits to better the environment. If you’re looking for several ways to establish environmental-friendly changes in your home, look no further. Share these tips with your preschoolers, and they’ll head to school Earth Day educated.

Conserve energy.

Teach your child to conserve energy in your home by turning off lights when they leave a room and setting the thermostat at a consistent temperature. Open the windows to let in some natural sunlight and fresh air!

Walk rather than drive.

Whenever possible, walk or bike to your destination rather than drive. This will minimize fuel emissions and pollution in the atmosphere. Plus, walking and biking is great exercise!


Aluminum cans, plastic bottles, milk cartons, shampoo/conditioner bottles, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard are all recyclable items that can be found in any home. Try to reuse any of these items if possible, and recycle those that you want to dispose.

Pick up garbage on the street.

Walk through your neighborhood as a family, and pick up any garbage you see on the streets. Your effort to care for the environment may light a spark in neighbors or community members passing by.

Your preschooler may be starting to wonder why you try to conserve water throughout the day or why you turn off lights and electronics to conserve energy. Adopt any of these healthy habits in your home and your preschool child will develop their own love for nature and their community.

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