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Father-Son Activities for Preschoolers

Posted on 06-10-2017

Every little boy loves spending time with their dad, and sometimes finding the time to come up with ideas and plan the trip is the hardest part. Here are some great ideas that are preschooler-friendly! We have done half the work for you—now you just have to plan them!

Backyard camping with your preschooler.

This idea requires minimal planning, and you don’t even have to leave your house! Your preschooler will love sleeping in a tent in the backyard with you, no mountains required. Set up your tent, pull out some lawn chairs and blankets, and watch the stars before you head to bed. Bring out the flashlights and tell bedtime stories before falling asleep. Build a mini fire to make the experience perfect. Roast marshmallows for s’mores and sing songs around the campfire, but try not to wake the neighbors.

Help your preschooler build a pinewood derby car.

Any local craft store has all the supplies you’ll need for a pinewood derby. At the preschool age, your son will probably be more delighted to paint and piece together the car. If dad is more into the engineering and physics side of racing, he can take care of all the weights to make the car drive faster down the ramp. Make two or three so you can compete and race them!

Take your preschooler to a baseball game.

Is summer really over if you haven’t gone to a baseball game? As America’s pastime, this is a must for fathers and sons. You’ll probably spend more on food than the tickets since ballpark food is what makes the experience grand. Don’t forget the sunscreen, and bring mom and sisters along too! If your little one is really into a particular sport, substitute it for the baseball game. Catch a soccer or basketball game instead!

There are countless ways to bond with your youngster this summer; teach him to ride a bike, try out a new sport, or encourage him to face his fears. The two of you will be closer than ever and enjoy exploring new hobbies together! 

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