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Encouraging Creativity In Your Preschooler

Posted on 12-28-2017

You may think that your preschooler is too young to show any signs of a preference for the arts or a skill, but you’d be surprised at how much creativity your little one already has! Here are ways to awaken the creativity in your preschooler that are both fun and interactive.

Try Different Things

While you may have a specific field of creativity that you may want your child to follow, it’s important to give them a wide range of activities to try out and choose from for themselves.

Do It Together

Have an art day, but don’t set the paints down and then go in the other room to get some things done. Instead, paint with your preschooler. Play some music and have fun with it and talk to them about their artwork—why did they paint that? Why did they choose those colors?

Make It Fun

A child is much more likely to continue to pursue creativity once they realize how much they love it. Take your journals outside and write a story together or dance to music while cleaning the house—the possibilities are endless.

Regularity Is Key

Is your preschooler signed up for classes for a musical instrument or a specific skill? If so, encouraging your child to always be in class and to do their at-home practice. It is very important to not only encourage creativity but also to encourage good habits and perseverance. Many children will have days where they want to skip class, but as long as they aren’t under the weather or genuinely miserable at every single class consecutively, you should help them by choosing to go anyway.

When it comes to creativity, it all just depends on your child’s personality and preference. Lean into what works best for them and see where that path takes you—it’s sure to be a unique ride!

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