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Cold Weather Preschool Activities

Posted on 11-30-2017

Cold weather means a lot of different things for different people. For some, it means positives such as Christmas, hot chocolate, and a chance to finally wear some layers! For others, it commands a dread of snow shovels and missing the warm sunshine. In my experience, it makes most preschoolers like frisky little puppies who simply can’t seem to get rid of their energy. If you are about to be facing the winter quandary of what to do with your little ball of energy, here are some suggestions that can hopefully gain you a brief reprieve from the sometimes-sweet yet ever-constant nagging.

Story Time

This may not be the best energy burner, but it is certainly the best way to burn some significant time. And no, I’m not talking about picture books here people. I’m talking about actually diving into a story with your kids, creating a world in which their imaginations can soar. By simply carving out a regular time and putting in the effort to make it fun and engaging, not only are you teaching your preschooler a love of reading, you are also demonstrating the value of spending time together as a family. It all depends on how much you pour into it!

Pillow Forts

You may have seen this coming, and for that I am not sorry! If you didn’t see it coming, then you are most certainly welcome, because let me tell you – this is a winner. No extra supplies, no hazardous expeditions into the cold with your preschooler wrapped up like a tootsie roll. And the best thing is that you can go anywhere you want – a pillow fort can be a camping trip, or a castle, or even an airplane. The options are limitless and the best thing is that it can be different every time you come back to it!

Find Things That Last

In today’s age where kids expect to plop down in front of the TV or just play games on your iPhone, it can be really hard to keep their attention. This is even more true when your preschooler is cooped up inside the house and they haven’t burned all that energy yet. Ultimately, in order to save your sanity more than anything, the best recommendation is to direct them to projects they can work on over the course of several sittings. Start a big art project, build puzzles or reconfigure train tracks – introduce them to activities that keep their attention for more than 30 minutes. Don’t feel the pressure of having to think up something new every day, but rather teach your kid the value of investing in something bigger and time consuming.

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